Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday February 20 : Typography project

Typography Project steps:

1. You draw a Principle of Design
2. Create a Pinterest board dedicated to that Principle in Design (ie. search for Contrast in Design)
3. You draw your typeface. You can ONLY use this typeface.
4. You pick your letter and number to use from this typeface.
5. You choose the Design style you want to use.
 (Deconstructed or Sliced text, Glitch, Color Channel, Halftone, Liquid or Outlined)

Goal: Create a piece of design that uses one number and one letter from one typeface. Use any technique we learned in class and utilize the Principle of Design you drew.

using Rhythm/Movement

Using Repetition

Using Contrast

These are examples of design projects using type as imagery. Focus on the shape of the letter and number and experiment with them.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday February 16 : Friday Post & Typography Challenge

FIRST: Friday Post 2/16
IMAGE: Post a gallery of all six of your design exercises.
WORDS: Tell me which technique you liked the most and why.

SECOND: Typography Design Challenge

You are to create a design that uses text as the major design element- meaning you can NOT add anything else to the design. Some things will be in your control and some will not.

Luck of the draw (meaning I control...)
Your Principle of Design (Emphasis, Repetition, Contrast, Rhythm/Movement, Proportion/Scale)
Your typeface

You Choose (meaning you control...)
Your letter
Your number
Your Design style (Deconstructed or Sliced text, Glitch, Color Channel, Halftone, Liquid or Outlined)

First- You draw your Principle of Design and research it.
Research in a Pinterest board your PRINCIPLE OF DESIGN...

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday & Thursday : Illustrator Tricks

Our goal here to to teach you some new (trendy) tricks in Illustrator to prepare you for your next design.  It will be based in typography and I will tell you about it soon.

You need to work along with me to create small exercises for each of these techniques. You are preparing to create your own piece soon where you can choose one of these techniques to further explore.

Technique #1 :  Sliced and Disjointed Text

Technique #2 : Glitch

Technique #3 : Color Channel

You can choose any word you want, maybe your name?
Or if you want to use a Valentines theme you could choose a word connecting to all things L O V E...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday February 6 : Last day on GIF

By the end of class today you should have at least ONE GIF made in Photoshop uploaded to your Portfolio page in your portfolio.

You are free to make whatever you want after you finish that- how creative and experimental do you want to be?

Jonas Mosesson had one of GIFYs most popular GIFs of last year...



by GIFY Stuidos Originals

Maybe you want to create a Valentines GIF... contest anyone?  I'll post them online!!


Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Feb 5: Grade update By NOW and Moving Design GIFs

Portfolios due for grading *summative* this Friday!!!!

By 2/8 (minimum):
Lines folder in Team Drive
Square file with 4 designs in Team Drive
Gif file in Team Drive
Blog/Portfolio has 3 Friday posts and a Line piece, a Square piece and PSD GIF posted on Portfolio

By 2/8 (maximum for an A):
All above and at least TWO..
Extra work posted on Extra Work page
Revised or additional lines, squares or GIFs
Pinterest has research for Lines, Figure/Ground and Design GIFs
Your blog/portfolio is customized with your own work only

Continue to build your moving GIF designs- at least one needs to be in your portfolio by the end of this week that is based on squares. Then make whatever you like!!

NEW work on Wednesday.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Friday February 2 : Friday Post and GIF

1. Create a Friday Post and post it (Orange Update button AND Blue Publish button)
2. Learn how to GIF in Photoshop

Friday Post February 2
IMAGE- post your least favorite Square design
WORDs- explain why you are unhappy with the design

Portfolio/Blog update
Portfolio page: Add at least one square design

Now its time to GIF
GIF in Photoshop
Once you have tested your design in imgflip, you are ready to make it for real in Photoshop.
At least one GIF needs to be posted on your final work page.

web tutorial
Super quick Adobe video

Basics to know:
Put all frames in a folder in numeric order.
Open Photoshop.
File/Scripts/ Load Files into Stack
(each image will load onto seperate layers)
Arrange the layers so they create a seamless movement. Duplicate to make them go backwards if you wish for a continuous loop.
Window/Timeline to open timeline.
Select the bar that says Create Frame Animation.
On the far right of the timeline, click the options button.
Choose Create New Layer for each New Frame. 
Then in options choose Make Frames from Layers. (your layers will load into frames on the timeline)
Press play and test.
In the options button, you can choose Select All Frames to choose all and change the time.
When complete, File/Save for Web. Save as a GIF.
You might want to choose Loop Forever at the bottom.

Must create ONE moving image in Photoshop for your portfolio based on a Square design.
**Extra- moving image in Photoshop of whatever you want!!