Monday, August 21, 2017

Tuesday August 22 : Group Share and Graphic Design is Everywhere

Today's business:
Seating chart is coming around. Please write in your full name. This is now your seat!

Today's targets:
Purposeful Exploration- what is Graphic Design?
Formal Qualities- How do designers make their work visually engaging and clear?

Today your group will share your design with the group. We will analyze:
2. Is the information clear to the viewer?
3. What components are necessary to make it engaging and communicative?

Let's design something!! 

Take out the most meaningful text to you. Minimum one full sentence.
Create a design that is one letter size document (8.5x11")
Use any program you are comfortable with.
Make it look interesting, engaging, so one wants to read it.

Monday August 21 : Eclipse Day!

Our class period today is 35 minutes. Don't forget after 7th hour you will be headed outside to view the Great American Solar Eclipse!
4th--10:10-10:45 (35 minutes)
5th--10:50-11:25 (35 minutes)
6th--11:30-12:05 (35 minutes)
7th--12:10-12:45 (35 minutes)
8th--12:50 then outside (Fire Drill)
Outside for eclipse--1:00-1:40-- viewing
8th - 1:45 - 2:15 (30 minutes)
9th - 2:20 - 2:50 (30 minutes)
Continue to build your What is Graphic Design share page. 
Make sure you can say YES to the following:

1. Is your page visually engaging?
2. Is the information clear to the viewer?
3. Do you feel the page is well designed?

We will share/present tomorrow!!

Tyler Nordgren has created poster designed for many natural events, including this year's eclipse.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday August 18 : What is Graphic Design?

Today's Targets:
I can share a file on the Team Drive and share with the group? (Good/Bad Design share)
I can describe what a Graphic Designer is and does.

First- Let's look at some bad Design!!

Second- Create a designed presentation that tells us more about Graphic Design.
Let's clarify & dig a little deeper into what Graphic Design is...

Each group should add their research in THIS PRESENTATION.
Your goal is to DESIGN the page. Convey the information visually, make it look good, make it understandable.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 2 : Pinterest Search

Welcome back! 
Today your goal is to use Pinterest again to build a research database.
Make sure you log into Pinterest.

By the end of today you will have created two Boards:
1. Quotes about Design. Find words, jokes, thoughts, advice about Graphic Design. Find at least five examples.

2. Good/Bad Design. Look on the web and elsewhere for design you think is good. Pin it and label it GOOD. Find designs you think is bad. Pin it and label it BAD- and why it is bad.
Find FIVE of each


BAD. Because comic sans and rainbow gradients. And grammar.

Life Hack: Pin It Button. 
Go the Chrome store and search for the extension Pin It button. Makes pinning LOTS easier!

Before you leave:
Did I take attendance and your preferred name?
Did you bookmark this class blog website?
Did you add five pins to the Quote board and ten pins to the Good/Bad board?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome to Art & Design 1!

Welcome to class!
Please sit where you are comfortable...
I'm very excited that you're here; Art & Design is one of my favorite classes to teach.

To start off our GREAT semester:
What is Graphic Design anyway?

{hint... RESEARCH is a huge part of the Design world}
Instead of Googling... I'd rather you
Behance it
Flickr it
vimeo it
Pinterest it *if you are on Pinterest; if you're not you should be.

Building your research. You will create an Pinterest account for yourself as an artist/designer.
Or add boards for design to the account you already have.
And use the Pin It Extension!

Start with Quotes by Graphic Designers