Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday December 13 :Spark Share

Share your spark posters today!!

Add to THIS folder for feedback.

Questions to address:
Type legibility- FIRST ROW
*Can you read it?
*How is the typeface?
*How is the color?

Composition & Hierarchy- SECOND ROW
*What do you see first, image or words?
*Do the words seem to be in an appropriate spot for the page?

Message- THIRD ROW
*Do you feel the message is clear?
*What message is it sending? What is the mood?
*Is it appropriate for the D155 Art Show?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Last full week of the semester!!

Last Friday was your last Friday post of the semester; make sure you completed it!

Do you have all your posts?
Do you have finished pieces on your portfolio page?
*for an A, do you have extras? blog header live?

check MY template weebly for details of what you need to have on yours.

This week, I plan to let you work on Spark all week.
Today- studio
Tomorrow- studio
Wednesday- share poster for crit and feedback
Thursday- what you need to finish up your summative portfolio!!
Friday- studio

I can effectively use Illustrator or Photoshop to create a design that communicates to an audience.
I can effectively combine Type & Image in Adobe programs.
I can use the Formal Qualities to create strong, appealing designs.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday December 8 : Friday Post & Spark!

Today is your LAST Friday post of the sememster.

Friday Post... 12/8/17
IMAGE- screenshot all your ideas for your Spark Art Show poster, include reference photos or inspirational work that you have found.
WORDS- describe what you plan/hope to do

Continue Spark poster ideas and development.

One week:  Anomoly Art Show
come see the work of advanced design students!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thursday December 7 : Spark

Spark Posters... start up an idea! Need a quote?
I can create a design that communicates an idea to an audience through type and imagery.
I can create designs that utilize hierarchy and strong formal qualities.

What is the "idea"?
Spark- "to ignite".
D155 Art is hoping to ignite something in our students. Perhaps a career path, a hobby, a passion, a way of thinking or life.

Spark Show Statement

Wednesday December 6 : Spark Posters

Most of you have shown me your Quote poster revision. Please do so ASAP so I can put your grade in skyward.

Today's goals:
I can create a poster that visually communicates the idea of creation/idea making/ideas.
I can effectively use type and image in a clear and aesthetic way.

Your last assignment : Posters for the D155 Spark Art Show in January

Design a poster that is 11x17 or 17x11 to be shown at the show.
Include a quote on what it means to create an idea, or spark or creativity.
Design your poster focused on the Elements & Principles.
*pre planned color scheme
*thoughtful fonts
*backgrounds with pattern, texture, repetition and/or photography or illustration
*use something you learned in the text/image unit or some other time in AD1 (free icons, free stock images, shapes, patterns, etc)

Must be provided in a variety of formats- 
1. PDF of the poster
2. JPG of the poster
3. Square JPG for IG
4. Extra credit- table tent


Posters at show

Design work on @carygroveart Instagram

table tent layouts

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday December 4/ Tuesday December 5 : Share Quote poster for feedback

Last Friday I asked you to do 2 things:
1- Friday Post
2- SHARE your Holiday/Winter/Choice poster as a JPG to THIS FOLDER.

We are out of time.
Finish your Choice poster and PRINT it- HPM 750, choose "fit to page".
Bring it to me for feedback.
Revise it and bring it back again for a check in Skyward
Post in your Final work if you want (extra)

THEN you can move on to the Spark poster- Info on that tomorrow.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Friday December 1 : Friday Post and share

I'm out today but your goal is to create a Friday Post that shows your completion of the type + image exercises.

Friday Post 12/1
IMAGES- Tree1, Tree2 and Holiday/Winter/Choice quote poster
WORDS- What was the most challenging part of these exercises? What was the least challenging?

Add your Holiday/Winter/Choice poster as a JPG to THIS FOLDER for sharing on Monday.

Create another choice poster- this time try a new technique (add drawing, add icons, add textures, clipping mask, etc)

It's December! This Graphic design group out of the UK has the coolest advent calendar created by 25 creatives based on shapes and their own illustration style.