Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday October 23 : Courses and Combination Logo

Three things today:
1. Course Selections/ Register for 2018/2019
2. Combination Logos
3. Combine your 10/10/10 to show me on Drive (due later this week)

Course Selection
Courses you can take in CG Art

Application for Level 4 (Design Production/ Port Photo/ AP)
CG Electives website
District Course Selection Guide

Combination Logos
This is when the 2 elements of the logo (icon and wordmark) are seen as one

Sometimes they are stacked

Sometimes they are side by side

Sometimes they interact.

Use your icons and wordmarks to combine. Edit/Alter/Change as needed to create a strong result.  Try all three options above. Create TEN.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday October 20 : Wordmark logos contd

Happy Friday!!

Your goal is
10 icons (triangle only)
10 wordmarks (type only spelling triangle)

Can you finish that today?

Image result for triangle logoImage result for triangle logo

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday October 19 : Tablet assembly and Wordmark logos

Let's take a look at your tablet letters as a group and see what we still need.

Please finish those up, or adjust yours if you want to and share in Team Drive ASAP so I can use this on social media and print!!

Back to logos, what can you do to make interesting Wordmark logos (type only).

GOAL- Create 10 wordmark logos using the same word 
(use triangle if you can't think of something)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday October 18 : I'm out today!!

Today you can continue working on basics of logos.

1. Finish your 10 icons made with triangles- black, white and see through.
2. Create a Pinterest board that researches icon (shape only ) logo (find at least 8)
(look for logos based on shapes - circle, triangle- and then based on objects- animals, icons, etc)

3. Create a Pinterest board that researches typography ONLY logos. Search for "wordmark logos". Find at least 8. We will talk about how to manipulate type tomorrow.

If you did NOT share your tablet letter yet- PLEASE DO THAT!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday October 16 : Logos

Your portfolio grades are in... many of you did AMAZING!!
If you are one with not a great grade, you have a chance to do better moving forward. 
But if you continue to not finish posts or show work in your portfolio, your last Summative grade (worth double) will hurt worse!!

We are going to take some our technical and design experience and translate it to one of the basics of Graphic Design; Logos

What makes up a logo?
Shapes- practice making shapes with arrows to create a fictional logo
Typography- choose typefaces intelligently, and practice interacting them with your logo.
Color- what are strong color choices for a logo?

What are different types of logos?

Image result for arrow logo



Let's start with ICONS and SHAPES. Follow my demo.
GOAL: Create at least 10 different ICONS with Triangles

Friday, October 13, 2017

Monday October 16: Logo design with shapes

I'm out unexpectedly today, I should be back tomorrow. Please read and do the following!

Did you finish/publish your Friday post from last week?
Is your blog/portfolio updated to the B level?
Did you turn everything into Team Drive?
Is your letter in the folder? I only see about a dozen and We are counting on you.

Next we are going to dive into Logos and Branding.
Before you leave today make a Pinterest Board that is made of logos you like. 

Look to find a variety of logos and find two of each of the following:
Logo made only of Shapes (ICON)
Logo made only with Typography (TYPE)
Logo made of both (COMBINED)


Image result for arrow logo



Friday October 13 : Friday Post, Portfolios and tablet share

Happy Friday!

Friday Post 10/13
IMAGE- post all versions of your tablet letter project
WORDS- talk about the process of using the tablet to render. Also, why did you choose to render inside (figure) or outside (ground) of the letter?

Grades- formative check of work
Many of you still haven't shared your GIF or your 1L1#1F (fontastic) project in Team Drive. There is a zero on Skyward if I don't see it. Please fix that!

Portfolios- summative grade
I will continue coming around and talking to you about your portfolio. They WILL be graded this weekend.

Tablet Letter Share
We will take a look at the letters all together on Monday. When you finish, please save as a JPG and add your letter HERE in Team Drive

Former student Emily Sikora Blackletter Alphabet on her Instagram